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Book Your Stay & Play Session

for children 0-5 years old

Child's entry fee of £9.50 includes 1 hot drink for an adult (barista style coffee, hot chocolate or tea from our selection).

Siblings fee of £5 is payable upon arrival at the counter. 

Our address: 1609 Wimborne Road, Kinson, BH11 9AP

Please note that free hot drinks are not included in the promotional price. Additionally, there is still a £5 fee for siblings upon arrival.

Free entry for 0-6 months babies

Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking a play session at Cosy Village play cafe you are agree to the Terms and Conditions.


  •  The entry price per child is payable on booking. Please note this is non-refundable.

  • Only children who are 5 years old and under may use the play equipment.

  • The maximum number of children we can have per session is 12. 

  • Customers will not be admitted into the building until the allocated session time, and must vacate promptly when their allocated time ends. 

  • Please remove shoes before entering the play area. Socks must be worn at all times. This applies to adults and children. 

  • Children must be supervised by parents/carers whilst visiting Cosy Village Play Cafe at all time. Parents/carers are responsible for the behaviour and well-being of the child in their care. 

  • Cosy Village will not be responsible or be held liable for any injuries resulting from rough play, poor behaviour or inappropriate use of toys, playhouse and structures.

  • We check our play equipment daily. Please report any damage to play equipment to staff immediately. This is to ensure we can continue to provide a safe play environment for our customers.

  • All damages to Cosy Village play cafe property, either accidental or deliberate must be reported to a member of staff.

  • No food, no drinks or chewing gum should be taken into the play area.

  • It is forbidden to smoke or vape within the play cafe.

  • Children who are unwell should not enter the play area or venue. Please inform a staff member if your child has been unwell/sick.

  • In the interest of Health and Safety please report any spillages or dropped food to staff to allow them to deal with it immediately.

  • For Health and Safety reason, only food purchased at Cosy Village Play Cafe may be consumed on the premises.

  • Children need to be supervised when using the toilet facilities.

  • Nappy changing and the use of potties should be conducted in the baby changing area in the toilets.  Place nappies in the correct bins provided. 

  • Never leave child on a changing table unattended, even for a second. Don't turn away, bend down or go to collect something you need.

  • Please report any concerns regarding the toilet facilities to a member of staff.

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