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About Us

My name is Olga and I am one of the two business founders.

Main roles in my life are to be a devoted and wise parent to my three children and a caring wife. I am passionate about early childhood development, healthy food and good (and strong!) coffee.

Having moved to England back in 2005, I have had great opportunities to live in vibrant London, historic Portsmouth and finally find my place in the sun in Bournemouth.

Here I met my like-minded person Anastasia and was inspired to open with her an environmentally friendly children's play cafe, thereby contributing to the local community.

Hello, I'm Anastasia - second half of the dynamic duo bringing this incredible Montessori-inspired play cafe to life. Originally from Latvia, I fell in love with Bournemouth and have lived here since 2009. Becoming a mum of two transformed my world in the best way. My kids are my little life coaches, teaching me that we can overcome anything. They stumble, they falter, but they always bounce back stronger. Watching them, I realised that imagination is our superpower, leading me to launch "Balloon Tree," (balloon decoration and installations for special events) inspired by the magical birthdays I've been creating. But it's not just about imagination; it's about setting an example. I want my kids to see that they can achieve anything and that fear should never hold them back. Now, teaming up with Olga, we're crafting the ultimate wonderland – a place where kids can explore, learn through role-play all while embracing the Montessori philosophy!


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